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If you are looking for a new and exciting way to take your bed and mattress retail sales to the next level, increase revenue and margins while eliminating costly returns from dissatisfied customers, then we can help.

For several years XSensor’s innovative point of sale pressure mapping systems have been used by major retailers in the USA, Australia and many European countries. They have found it a very effective tool to increase both sales closure rates and average selling prices by as much as 10% or more. XSensor has helped them achieve this by:

They have been achieving this by utilizing XSensor’s Pressure Mapping Technology to demonstrate to customers of the benefits of up-grading to a superior quality bed or mattress. This is possible because in just a few seconds, sales professionals can quickly and easily body type one or two customers using XSensor’s Comfort Index software and offer product recommendations based on hard, empirical data. The customer also has a live, graphic illustration of the benefits a superior quality mattress can offer them. Retailers have seen a positive impact on revenue and margin as a result with a swift return on their investment.

To see how XSensor’s Point of Sale Systems could help lift your sales, why not take a look at the single bed and multi bed concepts or see how software could be customized to offer your customers an unique buying experience.

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Retail Display Stand
Retail Display Stand

Our product is being trialled in one of the biggest bed retailers in the UK...